Monday 12 September 2022

iOS 16 Update Today: Release Time In India, How To Update, Prerequisites And More

For Apple druggies, it’s time to rejoice as the delay is eventually coming to an end with iOS 16 listed to roll- out moment, September 12, 2022. Apple has n’t specifically stated when the update would start rolling out, but we've a general estimate because in the history the company has routinely transferred upgrades at roughly 10 PM IST. Now, read on to learn about the entire upgrade process if you have any questions about it or how to modernize.


Make a backup

Before you begin, like with all software updates, it's ideal to produce a backup before starting. However, you can simply Go to Settings> Tap on your name> Go to iCloud> Turn On iCloud Provisory if you have n’t formerly, If you have bought storehouse on iCloud. But if you want to produce a original backup, depending on whether you have a PC or Mac, there are two processes.

For PC, Connect iPhone to PC > click the iPhone button in the top left corner of the iTunes window on your PC > Click Summary > Click Backup Now. And for Mac, Connect iPhone to Mac with a cable > In Finder, Select your iPhone > Click General (on top of Finder window) > Select “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.” > Finally, Click Backup Now.

Clear Storage

Now, this might not affect you if you have a recent iPhone with a larger storehouse but if you're using an iPhone with 64 GB internal memory, do check if you have at least 9- 10 GB free space available. Apple recommneds 8 GB but occasionally, if the update gets wedged, it can get cached and enthrall storehouse while trying to download it again.

Charge Your Battery

Before elevation, make sure your iPhone battery is at least 60 – 70 charged. occasionally the procedure might take significantly longer and consume a lot further power as a result of unstable Wi- Fi and slower download pets. Make sure your iPhone is charged and ready to go in order to be safe.


Once you're done with the backup, follow these way to modernize your compatible iPhone to iOS 16

Go to Settings> General.

Tap on Software Update.

Still, unless you have the Automatic Updates option turned off, the update should be downloaded automatically, If iOS 16 is available.

To begin the update process, simply click Install Now at the end. Throughout the upgrade, your iPhone will constantly turn on and off.

The full upgrade procedure should n’t take further than 30 twinkles, but be apprehensive that at first, Apple waiters will be overwhelmed with consumers seeking to download the most recent interpretation. We advise staying a many days for a stress-free updating procedure unless you're in a rush.


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