Friday, 19 January 2018

WhatsApp's in-chat UPI based payments feature

WhatsApp becomes the most likely messaging app in India and it is providing user friendly features day by day. Now the news comes out that WhatsApp is going to launch its much-awaited payments feature as early as next month. As per reports this messaging app is at various stages of integrating its Unified Payments Interface (UPI) based digital payments platform with SBI, ICICI Bank,  HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank.

Its is under testing and Facebook-owned company is testing the feature. This launch will give the great competition to other digital payment and digital wallets.

The unique feature if this payment system is that user can send the payment leaving the chat interface as like sharing a contact or location on the instant messenger. As per report a window with a Rupee symbol will pop up alongside buttons that allow users to share a location or a contact when a user clicks on the attach symbol in the chat window.

We have only this information. Just wait for the official roll-out and we will see how this feature exactly works for us.

Existing Payment system

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