Friday 3 March 2017

Map Maker Will Close on March 31

As Google already showing the message on Google Map Maker Screen that Map Maker Closing in March 2017. This was announced in November 2016.

Now, Google spread the mail to all his Mappers that we will close on March 31. With the closing google provide the another service that is Google Map and many of its features will integrate directly into Google Maps. But Mappers can still be able to edits until then, and you have to focus on all your and review your all the pending edits before google maps to roll-out.

Also, many other features can be added to Google Maps on an ongoing basis and definitely this will help to identified the exact locations. 

As per Google
"This change will enable us to focus on providing the best editing and moderation experience within Google Maps on both desktop and on mobile. We will continue to roll out new features on an ongoing basis."

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