Friday, 24 February 2017

Google iOS app gets new local search filters and more AMP support

Google added the more support for AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to its app for iOS. Google announced the latest version of its app for iOS, and added the new local search filters like Top Rated and Open Now. to the app.

With the use of AMP on search results and enjoy blazing fast webpage loading. The latest update is part of version 23.0 for the Google iOS app.

What's New in Version 23.0

You can easily filter the local search results like when you search for the restaurant and hanging places you will now see the Top rated and open now filters that help you to narrow down your search and find exactly what you want.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

NASA Discover 7 New Plannets

NASA announces Discovery of 7 new planets and this is the huge discovery these are revolving around star but not in our solar system like sun (its a star also)  they are revolving with some other star These 7 planets are 40 lights years away from earth.

As per NASA these planets are like "Earth Sized" planets.This is the great achievement done by NASA.....

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Google Maps new feature now lets create, save and share lists of your favorite places and accessed offline

Google Maps is one of the great social app as user can search the places and and find the exact location. This week Google Maps has added one new feature that is users can make a list of favourite location and save it offline and can accessed them later even users can shared these locations with other users via popular messaging apps.
From the google maps app you can tap on the location and and then tapping on the save icon to add it to a list. Lists of saved places can be organized under several pre-set lists Google has already named, like “Want to go” or “Favorites,” or users can create a new list.

Even list of save location can be shared by text and email, on social networks and via popular messaging apps as per google.

Google Maps works on both desktop and Android and iOS mobile devices.

Here’s how it all works in real life:

Friday, 10 February 2017

Tech Update : YouTube launches Live Streaming to its Creators with Super Chat

Youtube launched mobile live streaming feature which is available in youtube mobile app. Through this amazing features, creators can feed live streaming to their fans/users. This feature is only available for the YouTubers who have at least 10,000 Subscribers.

Along with this announcement, youtube confirms that after some days all the users can get this feature eventually.

Mobile Live Streaming

Mobile live streaming feature has been built right into the YouTube mobile app. Its pretty simple to use the it, just open the app and hit the capture button and you’re streaming live on internet.

YouTube said streamed videos will have all the same features as regular YouTube videos. They will be 
  • Searchable. 
  • Discoverable via recommendations and playlists. 
  • Protected from unauthorized use (using Content ID).
To help the the creators youtube last month launched Super Chat tool to earn revenue from live streaming. Viewers can use the super chat and comment on the live streaming video to stand out in a live stream. This paid chat message will be highlighted with the bright color and pinned to the top of the chat window for the five hours. This is one of the way to generate money and stay connected to their fans as well.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

100+ Free Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog

We all need traffic to our blog and wants to increase blog exposure, there are many ways from which you can get the traffic to your blog one of them is Directory Submission.

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Submitting the blog to directories will help you in various ways like
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All you need these required field to submit blog to directories
  • Name of the blog:
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There are 3 types of directory submission is available
  • Websites where you can directly submit your blog. 
  • Reciprocal link or badge required.
  • Websites to submit RSS feeds

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