Thursday 1 December 2016

New Update : Google has retired the feature-phone crawler & error report in Search Console

Google officially announced that they have dropped the feature phone crawling and indexing support and also remove the error report from Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool).

Feature phones are those old Nokia phones that let you access websites in a text-based interface.

They said most websites don't provide the feature-phone-compatible content in WAP/WML any more due to this google change that have made changes in how we crawl feature-phone content. As google do not crawl the user agents of feature phone so you will not get in your logs anymore.

Google provide the handheld link annotations for dynamic serving of feature phone content

Google said, “Without the feature-phone Googlebot, special sitemaps extensions for feature-phone, the Fetch as Google feature-phone options, and feature-phone crawl errors are no longer needed.

Before : 

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After : 

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