Friday, 23 December 2016

Checklist for SEO / Promotion of website

  • GA Code should be added to each page of website to track the Traffic
  • H1, H2 tags shuold be added only one H1 on one page
  • ALT text should be related to Image
  • Product Categorization should be formatted
  • Copied content should not be present 
  • There should be no Spell errors
  • The products names should be correct as per business and market trend.
  • Products name should not contain only Model / Code
  • Product Description is given, Keywords Stuffing should not be there.
  • Content should be relevant to the product and should be in sufficient amount.
  • Meta Tags / Keywords should be there
  • Breadcrumb is the importanmt part
  • Bookmarking and Navigation are taking to the right place
  • Social Media Links to be added
  • Google Map is added
  • HTML file names should be relevant to page content (Page heading)
  • Resolution check - 800(with scroll), 1024, 1280
  • Browser check – Mozilla(10)(11/12), IE-7, IE-8, Google Chrome
  • Optimized Use / Size of CSS & JS (as per Page Speed)
  • Anchor Text – should be same as Anchor Tag name
  • Check the overall spacing and placement of Text, Tables and Diagrams
  • The position of "Action Item" link should be appropriate
  • All the Images are properly visible
  • Banner and Punch Line should be relevant to the page
  • Product image filenames - Should be same as product name
  • Check Broken links in the website. (Check in & )
  • CSS / HTML Validation
  • Not found page should be added

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