Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Types of Sitemap File Supported by Google Webmaster Tools

There are different kind of content out there which make the website so interesting.. do you have video on your web page ? if yes then create the video sitemap and submit it on GWT for indexing! I am sharing the many format of sitemap file that you can use..

XML Sitemap files for web pages - Use this type of format to index your all webpages sitemap.xml.

RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds for web pages - Many blogs create these automatically.

Text files with web page URLs - This will be created when you are unable to create from automatic process. you can simply create a text file with your URLs in it.

XML Sitemap files for Video Search - Use this to index the video pages and made available to google search

Media-RSS feeds for Video Search - This is using by many other system but you can also use it for video search

XML Sitemap files for Google Code Search -
For programming samples or code you can submit these for Google Code Search.

XML Sitemap files for mobile web pages -
Use this for mobile webpages

XML Sitemap files for geo-data - Use this for geographic data on your website in the form of KML or GeoRSS files

XML Sitemap files for News - Use this for news actually news websites can submit their news content in this special Sitemap format (please note that you must first register with Google News before these files are processed).

Source - Google

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