Thursday, 1 September 2016

SEO News Update : Free 5 Chrome extensions for SEO professionals

1 - Nimbus Screenshot
This is an awesome tool for screenshot this will help when putting together a report for a client, convening a client to take a particular step and showing them errors. This is handy screencast tool. In addition this will also have the feature of video recording through this video can be created and shows to the client a particularly detailed SEO concept without having to resort to a webcam or webinar session.

2. Check My Links
As the name suggest Check My Links, will check all the links / URLs on website. This tool will identifying broken links - both on your own website and others. This is much easier and more efficient. and checking onpage links, In terms of SEO this will help to identify the broken links on website

3. Word Count
In SEO, word count is very important especially when performing audit it is very critical component of that audit. you can perform a quick, high-level overview of word count on certain webpages.

4. Open Multiple URLs
The main point of this extension is to open multiple sites every time. So it has to remember the sites that you opened. Open Multiple URLs is one of those extensions that truly beautifies your workflow. It can help to open multiple URLs in one go. You can use keyboard shortcuts to speedily move through every window (Ctrl + Tab moves forward, and Ctrl + Shift + Tab moves back through the previous tabs you were on).

5. User-Agent Switcher
User-Agent Switcher allows you to view how your website looks in different web browsers and on different devices, this will help in resolving SEO errors.

For Example, you need the to take report for google ranking on mobile site VS desktop site so this extension will be able to perform this task efficiently on your PC your mobile device is not required to take a screenshot you can use Nimbus

So, Increase your productivity, efficiency, and become an SEO practitioners

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