Monday, 13 June 2016

On-page SEO Continue... Title Tag

Title Tag - Title tags—technically called title elements. It defines the title of the document. Title tag is used to describe accurately and briefly about the web page or a topic / theme. 

Title tag is the most important element in a website SEO because google crawler or google bot read the title first and shows the same title in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Code Sample
<title>Example Title</title>

Optimal Format
Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
Optimal Length for Search Engines
Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display. Titles in search results may be rewritten to match your brand, the user query, or other considerations. 

The title should contain such keywords which are usually searchable by user. It should contain the most important and user searchable text. For e.g., If we are  promoting a Dominoz outlet in Noida. Then the title should contain Dominoz in Noida, Dominoz - Number 68886888. 

The motive is to display the more important  and most searchable information in brief.

The secondary keywords should be such that they support the primary keyword. All the keywords be it primary keyword or secondary keywords should be according to the pages. It is suggested that every page should have unique title tag.

Why Title Tags are Important for SEO

External Websites

Title tags are so important as you can see when we share any post then title tags are visible over there.


When we mouse over on the window tab then you can see the title tags

Search Engine Results Pages

Even search engines are  also show the title tags when we search any keeywords on any search engine


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