Thursday, 23 June 2016

On-page SEO Continue... Page Copy / Copied Content

Page Copy / Copied Content - Copied Content / Duplicate content means content that appears on the Internet in more than one place (URL). When there are multiple duplicate content is present on internet, it is difficult for search engines to decide or experience which version is more relevant to a given search query. 

To provide the best search experience, search engines will rarely show multiple duplicate pieces of content and thus, are forced to choose which version is most likely to be the original—or best. 

3 Biggest issues with copied content.
  • Search engines like don't know which version(s) to include/exclude from their indices and also don't know which version(s) to rank for query results
  • Search engines don't know whether to direct the link metrics (trust, authority, anchor text, link juice, etc.) to one page, or keep it separated between multiple versions
When copied content is present on site then the owners suffer traffic losses and ranking also search engine provide less relevant results.

Duplicate Content Examples:

1. URL Parameters : Website URL system create multiple versions of same page.  

Same as Printer-Friendly and Session IDs.....

Best way to work with duplicate content is :

301 Redirect : This is one the way to get rid of copied content means you can permanent redirect the duplicate URL to original URL . 

Rel="canonical" : Another option is you can add a canonical tag to your pages

<link href="" rel="canonical" />

This tag tells Bing and Google that the given page should be treated as though it were a copy of the URL 

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