Thursday 30 June 2016

On-page SEO Continue... Broken Links

Broken Links - Links which are on your website and going to not found are Broken Links. Broken links can harm your website SEO according to google there should be no not found link will be present on your website.
When you have not found on your website then your change of loosing user will be high. 
There are two types of broken links that you can have on your website. If any of these links are broken, they negatively impact the usability on your website.
Internal Links - These go from one page on your site to another. These are the links you have the most control over on your website.
External Links - These are links that point to another website such as a blog post, white paper, infographic, etc, that you might reference in an article. Use these external links sparingly and when necessary since these links are beyond your control.

Some of the broken links checker are :

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